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This is an informational site intended to highlight the need for living organ donations and how you can help.

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1st Annual Kathy Needs a Kidney Living Organ Donation Awareness Golf Outing

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Silver Lake Country Club

14700 South 82nd Avenue

Orland Park, IL   60462

8:00 AM Registration

9:00 AM Shotgun start

3:00 PM Banquet Dinner

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About This Site

My name is Katherine (Kathy) Malone and I am 45 years old and live in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago.  In July, 2017, I was diagnosed as having end stage renal disease (ESRD) and that I would need a kidney transplant.  As my husband and I talked to the doctor about all of this, we had many questions such as:

  1. How do I get on the waiting list for a deceased donor organ
  2. How long will it take to get a kidney from a deceased donor
  3. What happens in the meantime
  4. Can I find a living donor

The doctor told us that we can expect to wait years for a kidney from a deceased donor and our best option was to find a living donor willing to donate a kidney.

My husband immediately called the transplant hospitals in Chicago and was told it would be 3-4 months just for a consultation.  So, he then called Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and they were able to get us in for a consult within three weeks.  In the meantime, I was told I would need to go on dialysis.  Fortunately, I was able to go with Peritoneal Dialysis (PD).

My consult at Mayo consisted of four days of meeting with various transplant team personnel who reviewed medical records and all agreed that I was a candidate to undergo transplant evaluation.  I was then scheduled for another four day stay at Mayo in October, 2017 for a comprehensive transplant evaluation.  This evaluation started with a donation of 50 vials of blood, followed by a stress test, 24 hour urine test, meetings with transplant coordinators, financial representatives, social worker and so on and so on..

After some required follow up and prerequisites, on March 1, 2018, I was added to the waiting list for a deceased donor kidney.

A friend of my husband just went through a kidney transplant and had waited over seven years for a kidney.

My hope is that someone who visits this site and values life will be inspired to donate a kidney.