I Want To Be A Living Donor and Donate an Organ

If you are interested in being a Living Kidney Donor for me, please do the following in this order:

  1. Send an email message to or  call us at (708) 289-6049.
  2. Go to and click on the link in center of page for health questionnaire, choose kidney donor, Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and finally, be sure to check the named recipient box on the questionnaire and put my name as the recipient (Katherine Malone).
  3. If you pass the screening questionnaire, the next step is a simple blood test to determine blood type.  I am blood type A+ so I am able to accept a kidney from blood types A and O (the + or - do not matter).  Mayo Clinic will send orders to you to confirm blood type or will ask that you have your primary care physician do this and send the result to Mayo.
  4. If you are a blood type match, Mayo Clinic will contact you to come to Rochester, MN for a 3 day donor evaluation.
  5. If all the testing goes well and you are accepted as a donor, a date for surgery will be set.
  6. You can expect to be at Mayo for 3-4 days for the surgery which is done arthroscopically
  7. You can expect to be off work for approximately 2 weeks after surgery but this all depends on how quickly you heal.

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Other Ways To Help

If you are unable to be my living donor but would still like to help, consider donating to my Go Fund Me Campaign.   I am seeking to raise funds to help cover medical expenses not covered by insurance as well travel expenses for my donor to/from Mayo Clinic

Go Fund Me