Living Organ Donation


What is Living Organ Donation?

Living Organ Donation is where certain organs from a "living" donor are transplanted into a "recipient."

What Organs Can Come From Living Donors?

Living organ donors can donate a kidney, a lung, a portion of the liver and bone marrow.

If I Donate an Organ, Will This Affect My Health?

Not everyone can be a Living Organ Donor.  Medical professionals will put each Living Donor through extensive testing to ensure that your organ(s) are healthy enough and most importantly that you are healthy enough that the organ donation will not adversely affect your life.  Over 99% of Living Donors have no complications and live happy, healthy normal lives afterwards.  Donating an organ DOES NOT shorten life expectancy.

Will Donating an Organ Affect My Ability To Get Insurance?

No, donating an organ does not affect your ability to get health or life insurance.

Who Pays For My Medical Costs If I Donate?

A recipient's medical insurance (my coverage) will cover all medical costs related to the organ donation for the donor.  The donor should not incur any medical costs.

Can I Ask To Be Compensated For Donating An Organ?

No, it is a federal crime to sell organs or ask to be compensated in any way.  You can however, ask to be compensated for lost wages, travel expenses to/from transplant center and reimbursement for family for accommodations related to your procedure through grants available to donors and recipients.